• A minimum commitment of around four hours per week is necessary to maintain a productive and attractive garden plot
  • Weeds spread weed seeds!  Use mulch to control weed growth whenever possible
  • Use plastic bags to carry away any bug infested vegetation in order to prevent spread of the insects
  • Keep your plot neat and avoid unsightly structures
  • If you are away from home during the growing season, make arrangements for your plot to be tended by a friend or fellow gardener.  Please provide this person with a note indication your permission to do so.
  • Harvest your crops when they mature.  If you can not use all of the food, there are many needy people who can.  Check the bulletin board for contacts.
  • Radio and music playing are not a part of the serenity of gardening.  Please limit such entertainment to personal devices.
  • The path adjacent to each plot is to be kept mowed and the weed growth between the plots controlled.  Do a good deed and cut the weeds even if they are your neighbor’s.
  • Bringing domestic animals (dogs, etc.) to the garden area is discouraged.  If they must be brought, they must be leash controlled as stipulated by town ordinance.
  • Old rugs, mats, plastic and the like may not be used outside of your plot.  If used inside your area, they must be removed at the end of the season.
  • Please respect the rights of other gardeners and instruct your children to respect the plots and walkways
  • We appreciate the fact that this land has been made available for our use

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