Welcome back to the gardens.  During the past three years we have had a big influx of gardeners so things might be a little crowded at times.  Please be patient and considerate.

  • Because we still have a waiting list for gardens we are asking everyone to show evidence of farming by May 6th. You don’t have to plant, but please till the soil or do something visual.    If nothing has been done by May 15th we will make one attempt to reach you via phone and then that plot will be considered empty and available.
  • All participants must sign a waiver releasing the Township of Denville from any liability in the event of any injuries or property damage to gardeners on the garden property
  •  1) DRIVE SLOWLY when pulling into the gardens.  There are people and kids likely to spring out in front of you and we do not offer medical services.

    2) Please park to the side of the roadway or on the grassy section in front and try not to block the paths.  People need to get hoses and wheelbarrows in and out.

  • 3) Don’t set up your sprinkler and leave. There will be an increased demand for spigots so please stay and water even if you are using a sprinkler.  Check the back of the bulletin board for watering hours.  Remember, the water is from the Rockaway River and isn’t potable.  DO NOT DRINK!

    Do not make any changes in the watering system.

  • 4) Do not use your neighbor’s tools and equipment without permission and NEVER pick anything from another’s garden without specific permission.

    5) No dumping is allowed of anything.  If you want to create a compost pile in your plot feel free to do so, but it must be gone by the end of the season.

    6) Use plastic bags to carry out insect invested plants and weeds.

    7) Make sure anything you build, fences, gates, trellises etc are in keeping with a garden setting. The visual appearance of the gardens is important to the town and to us.

  • 8) You are responsible for keeping the weeds and grass on the outside of your plot trimmed.

    9) Harvest your crops as they mature.  We have a cooperative agreement with the Denville Food Pantry which will place bins for excess produce and collect it; more on that later.

    10) Loud music is not part of the serenity of gardening.  Please limit any entertainment to personal devices.

    11) Please leave pets at home or if you have to bring your animal make sure they are leash controlled.

    12) Lots must be cleared by Thanksgiving.

    13) Gardens are for registered gardeners, family and friends.  When a person ceases gardening, the plot reverts to Denville Community Gardens and will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list by the administrator.

    If you are unable to continue, please contact the administrator.

    14) No commercial use is allowed.

    15) Please be careful of the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides and make sure you do not get any residue on your neighbor’s plot.

    16) Talk to each other if there are any disputes or problems.  Civil and polite conversation is the rule of the day.

  • Have a Great Season!
  • Denville Community Garden Administrators

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