From an older, type-written publication on the garden:

In March 1972, seventeen hardy souls pioneered the first planting in the Denville Community Gardens.  The original idea was an environmental project by Lorraine Caruso who, as a member of the Environmental Commission, ahd the approval of the Mayor and PRIDE, as well as the Town Council.

These first gardeners had to lug pails of water from the river until in a couple of years a gasoline pump was installed.  Now an electric pumping system is available with a regular watering schedule making that part of garden care less strenuous.  These improvements were paid for from registration fees keeping the project self supporting.

Community interest has grown until now over 120 families are enjoying this form of healthful recreation.  The popularity of this activity has brought several inquiries from other communities asking for help and advice concerning starting and operating a town garden.

Administrators of the Denville Community Gardens

  • Lorraine Caruso
  • Bob Thompson
  • Dennis Mahony
  • Arline Cowell
  • Dennis Mahony
  • Bob Grant & Jan Frazier


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